Dear Kafroyto, dear Kafroyo,

the “Entwicklungsverein Kafro”** (EVK) was established in 2002. The association’s aim was to make life in Kafro possible again, i.e. making the return possible for all families that had been forced to leave their home and migrate to Europe.
Therefore, EVK worked with political institutions and decision makers on national and international level to establish the required infrastructure. When we look at Kafro nowadays we see the silhouette of majestic family homes and a lively village community. That makes us very happy because we have reached a milestone.

However, we want to focus on you, the Kafryo in Europe, in the future. Therefore, we want to ask you about your expectations regarding EVK. Do you wish to support EVK actively, to receive more information, get access to communication channels, or to be assisted by visiting Kafro?

The following survey gives you the chance to inform us about your wishes and expectations. We will be more than happy, if we can realize them in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via, if you have any questions or notes.

** “Entwicklungsverein Kafro” means “Association for the development of Kafro”.